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The Tsurumi Expertise

The TSURUMI PUMP Group philosophy is to anticipate challenges related to water.

Because it controls for decades pumping technologies, it offers solutions tailored to the needs and constraints of each client regardless of their industry.

The TSURUMI PUMP Group is fully aware that the future water pumping field will be more demanding, it is now investing more in pumping solution innovation. A new context which leads to pushing the boundaries of its activity, going beyond the simple role of pump manufacturer.

The TSURUMI Contractor Pumps

The TSURUMI contractor pumps have remarkable characteristics on the pump market:

• Dry running,
• Complete sealing of the junction box,
• Main elements of cast iron or cast chrome resistant with strong abrasions,
• Double mechanical seal in an elevator patented oil
• Horizontal operation
• Ability to work in highly aggressive and corrosive environments (with a pH from 4 to 10)

The TSURUMI Sewage Pumps

With several models of wheels, the TSURUMI single and three phase cast iron, stainless steel or titanium sewage  pumps can be installed in environments having a pH between 4 and 10. Some are used for sewage, industry and farming: FSP frothy pumps, FHP decanting pumps and the Atex BX , CX and UX pumps.

The TSURUMI contractor pump quality in the service of sewage.

The TSURUMI Aerators

The TSURUMI  deprimogenous submersible aerators are suitable for the treatment of municipal and industrial wasted water. The TRN range combines in one unit a submersible motor, the mixer and the ejector. The impeller of the aerator is directly coupled to the motor shaft. With a simple and compact construction, these products provide a high oxygen gain and a perfect blend of the basin.

The TSURUMI engine pumps

CE2A is the importer of the TSURUMI engine pumps in Europe. We offer 3 ranges of TSURUMI dewatering engine pumps with outputs from 1 ” to 4 ”:
• Low and high pressure clean water : TE, TEF , TEW series
• Slightly contaminated water: TDS semi –trash series
• Very loaded water : trash TED and TD membrane series

These products are equipped with HONDA gasoline or diesel ROBIN SUBARU engines.
Possible versions on special fire trolley float.

The TSURUMI high pressure range of engine pumps is also dedicated to the fire protection and powerful wash.

For more information, visit http://www.tsurumipump.com