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Engine pumps

CE2A - TSURUMI France offers two ranges of pumps: the contractor engine pumps and the fire high pressure engine pumps.
The applications are numerous: irrigation, flood, fire protection, construction sites, garbage pits, etc.

The contractor engine pumps

CE2A - TSURUMI France is the exclusive importer of TSURUMI engine pumps in Europe. By their very broad specifications, Tsurumi engine pumps can meet the most varied challenges of exhaustion: construction sites, irrigation, flooding and draining & manure pits.

TE series

These engine pumps are suitable for clear or slightly contaminated water.

TDS series

These pumps are designed for contamined water.

TED series

For pumping very loaded water, the TSURUMI TED series is recommended.

TD series

The self-priming membrane engine pump TD series has very high suction capabilities for pumping viscous liquids and fluids, manure, septic tank sludge, liquid mud and slurry.

The fire engine pump

CE2A - Tsurumi France is the exclusive importer of the TSURUMI engine pumps in Europe.

The TSURUMI high pressure engine pumps

The TSURUMI self-priming engine pumps provide pressure up to 9 bars. They are dedicated to fire prevention, power washing, pressure irrigation.