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Our Brands

Since the company was founded, CE2A – Tsurumi France, is surrounded by world-class partners to offer complementary pumping solutions to the TSURUMI PUMP range:

Logo Dragflow.

Submersible dredge pumps with agitator and complete dredges

As a leader in the production and selling of submersible dredge pumps, the DRAGFLOW company has built over the years an international experience and a solid reputation in producing dredges for maritime and energy sectors, but also for mining and other materials.

Find more information on www.dragflow.it

Logo Motopompes TOHATSU.

Fire engine pumps

It was in 1922 that TOHATSU made its first gasoline engine. It is first installed as different applications such as snow bikes, pumps, fishing boats or also motorcycles. TOHATSU is one of the few fire pump manufacturers of in the world capable of developing and manufacturing both pumps and motors internally. The TOHATSU pumps use motors designed specifically for the fire protection. Thanks to their lightweight design, compact and high performance characteristics, they are unmatched by the competition up to now.

Find more information on www.tohatsu.co.jp/en/pump


High Pressure pumps

The success of the Australian DAVEY brand for over 70 years is due to the reliability of its products and its distributors located in over 60 countries. The DAVEY pump quality is explained by the combination of the pumping under extreme conditions experience and the use of high-tech development tools. The DAVEY company is ISO 9001 certified.

Find more information on www.davey.com.au

logo BBA Pumps

Self-priming surface pumps

For over 60 years, BBA Pumps is an innovative manufacturer of pumping systems. It offers a range of self-priming surface pumps that covers all dewatering needs, ground water and hard pumping. Created in Holland, BBA Pumps has a global distribution network and is represented in France by CE2A .

Find more information o, http://www.bbapumps.com/en/