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About CE2A

Founded in 1991, CE2A – European company Africa Asia had as main original activity providing engine pumps on the African continent. The company has gradually become an independent central purchasing service involving different constituents, this limits import files opening and thus reduces fixed costs of its customers.

This rise has enabled it to centralize purchasing materials from more than 200 international suppliers and gave it independence and responsiveness in its technical choices.

In 1996, in order to meet all market demands, especially that coming from rental of construction equipment , the company diversified into the electro- submersible pumps distribution . CE2A gets therefore the Tsurumi electro- submersible pumps sales contract for France. The TSURUMI material quickly met with great success and from 2000, CE2A distributes the range of Tsurumi aerators.

Projects around the world today, CE2A – TSURUMI France, strong 20 years of know-how and technical expertise in tailored pumping solutions continues its development policy by expanding its positions Export and France.

Some key dates

Creation of CE2A - European Company Africa Asia: exclusive distribution of TSURUMI and TOHATSU engine pumps in Africa then central purchasing activity for global pumping solutions.
Signature of the sales contract of high-pressure DAVEY pumps.
Diversification of products offering with the launch in France of contractor electro submersible pumps TSURUMI PUMP.
Introduction on the French market of the range of TSURUMI PUMP aerators.
Getting the distribution contract of DRAGFLOW dredge submersible pumps.
Acquisition of CE2A by its main supplier: TSURUMI PUMP.
Change of logo and redesign the visual identity for the 20 years of the company.
Signature of the partnership agreement with the BBA PUMPS manufacturer of surface self-priming pumps.

Our values


Our expertise is providing pumping solutions. We are committed to every moment in developing long-term partnerships with our customers. Our only aim is to satisfy our daily contacts with professionalism, listening and responsiveness.


Our daily actions are guided by the performance and quality of our products. Our teams work in full cooperation with our customers, whatever their job position, their business or even their country : it is what builds the spirit of CE2A .


CE2A has based its development on responsibility toward the client and internally. This value is built around key principles such as teamwork, respect and professionalism mind.


Our leadership position within the Tsurumi Group PUMP results of our passion, our winning spirit and our capacity to innovate. We encourage initiatives, from the decision to implementing solutions. We pursue the ambition to go always further.


CE2A is a projects company that requires discipline and collective efforts dedicated to success, as well as networking to take the best advantage of all available skills. This team spirit, supported by the will to develop every single employee, extends cooperation with our partners and clients.